What Board Members Must Know to Protect Themselves, and Their School Districts, When Doing an Energy Performance Contract

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Upcoming Webinar:

Thursday, August 12th 10-11:30 AM


» Jay Worona, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, NYSSBA

» Kendra McQuilton, CEO, The ECG Group

» Mike Ford, Business Development Manager, The ECG Group, Director of Leadership Development, NYSCOSS


School Districts are increasingly turning to Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) – an alternative capital project financing method — to improve ventilation, lighting, and heating controls. It is critical, however, that the appropriate technical and legal expertise be retained to ensure maximum financial return and minimal risk.

This workshop will focus on key areas of EPCs that can legally expose your school district, and how you can ensure your best interests are expertly represented and defended throughout the project.

Who Should Attend:

Board of Education members and School Administrators contemplating, or planning to enter, an Energy Performance Contract.

What You Will Learn:

  • The different roles of energy engineers and district counsel in an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), and why both are critical for project success.
  • What can go wrong, and how to prevent it from happening.
  • How to ensure that “guaranteed” energy cost savings – the financial foundation of the project — actually materialize.
  • Why highly technical energy engineering by proven, experienced, specialized firms is a critical component for success.
  • “Who’s responsible for hazardous materials?” What the “small print” says.
  • “Who trims the trees if there’s solar in the project?” Why understanding the scope of work is critical.
  • Three questions board members should ask when contemplating an Energy Performance Contract.
    1) Who’s watching the hen house?
    2) Is our family doctor doing the surgery or do we have a specialist?
    3) Have our partners been anointed or have they competed for the work?

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