Central Islip Union Free School District – Phase II

Central Islip, NY

Project Overview

The ECG Group completed a previously successful Energy Performance Contract with the Central Islip UFSD in 2013. The Phase I project implemented various upgrades including high efficiency fluorescent lighting, boiler upgrades, temperature control upgrades, and Solar PV at one building. This project was estimated to generate over $700,000/year and during the measurement and verification phase, ECG determined that the actual savings exceeded this mark by approximately 9.5%. Due to the successful Phase I project, The ECG Group was engaged in the Spring of 2019 to initiate a Phase II Energy Performance Contract. This phase focused on improving the classroom environment by upgrading to state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, replacing over 30,000 SQFT of ceilings, and eliminating pneumatic temperature controls, district-wide. As of June 2020, this project is in the design phase with major construction planned to take place in Summer 2021.


The critical goal for this project was improvements to the learning environment.

By upgrading the aging fluorescent lighting, the District will enjoy the guaranteed energy savings from this upgrade, but also aesthetic improvements in the classrooms with the new LED technology and demolition/replacement of old ceiling tiles. This project will also focus in on elimination of overheating in the classrooms. This chronic issue for many school buildings in the Northeast is due to failed pneumatic temperature controls. In this project, the pneumatic system will be replaced with a Direct Digital Control (DDC) system, so that facility operators can tightly control heating setpoint and comfort levels throughout the heating season.

Five Examples of Energy Conservation Measures:
  • Comprehensive LED Lighting Upgrades
  • Ceiling Replacements
  • Elimination of Pneumatic Controls
  • Solar PV
  • Cogeneration

Project Statistics

Project Size

$9.1 Million

Projected Energy Savings (Annual)


Reduction in Energy Costs


Guaranteed Rebates


Completion date

Fall 2022 (estimated)

Project Type

Energy Performance Contract

Energy Service Company

Energy Systems Group (ESG)


Dr. Howard Koenig, Superintendent,
Central Islip Union Free School District
(631) 348-5000

“I don’t have to worry about [Energy Performance Contracts] because I am working with pros. It’s the idea that you can trust what they do.  They know what they do and protect YOUR interests when they are working with outside folks who come in and work on the project.  It’s not always the case in our business, that you will have that level of trust and comfort.”

Dr. Howard Koenig

Superintendent of Central Islip Union Free School District

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