Ashley M. Heintz-Lynch


Responsible for the expansion of ECG’s customer base and business growth, Ashley develops, coordinates and implements plans and initiatives to capture company opportunities. She leads ECG with marketing, social media and event planning.

Ashley strives to build and foster positive, long-term relationships with past and present clients to ensure customer satisfaction and an excellent ECG experience. To do so, she works closely with all departments, especially the design and project management teams, to ensure alignment of ECG’s goals and quality. Ashley also develops and promotes healthy relationships with strategic partnerships, associations and other organizations within the field.

In the past, Ashley has been ECG’s director of project development and project coordinator, helping ECG to ensure the quality of work products and overseeing the development and coordination of projects to successfully move projects from inception to construction. As the primary customer contact for the beginning stages of all ECG projects, Ashley interacted closely with customers to clearly understand their needs and expectations, project plan accordingly, create proposals specific to the customer and sustaining clear communication with clients and energy services companies.

Ashley stands ready to navigate you through the process of understanding and identifying energy performance opportunities at your facilities and the importance of owner’s representation.

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