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Energy Performance Contracts: Your Untapped Resource

Mitigate Budget Cuts, Improve Your Efficiency, and Make Needed Capital Upgrades, all WITHOUT Building Aid By Herb Chessler, Former President, ASBO NEW YORK Educational Finance Specialist, The ECG Group  In recent months, Governor Cuomo has stated repeatedly that if New York does not receive additional federal funds, the state will be forced to make drastic… Read more »

Debunking Energy Performance Contract Myths

 New York State School Facilities Association (NYS SFA) & The ECG Group Present  Debunking Energy Performance Contract Myths It’s Not Just Smoke and Mirrors Webinar date: September 23, 2020 at 12:00 PM Webinar presented by: David M. Newman, VP of Engineering & Kendra McQuilton, CEO, of The ECG Group (ECG) Facilitated by: New York… Read more »

Indoor Air Quality – Improve Your Students Environment Today

Improve your Indoor Air Quality for a Safer Learning Environment for your Students A Critical Challenge “Changes to the building operations including the operation of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, can reduce the risk of airborne exposures.” ASHRAE With the current pandemic, it’s crucial to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students and staff. Assessing and addressing… Read more »

Find Savings To Offset School Opening Costs

The Association of School Business Officials International has reported that, on average, school districts will spend an additional $1,778,139 this year on school re-opening costs such as PPEs and cleaning supplies. WHERE will you find this money? You can generate the funds you need to offset school opening costs – with NO capital outlay – with an… Read more »

How Clean Is The Air Your Students Are Breathing?

Do the ventilation systems in your school buildings have you concerned? Is your Community worried about fresh air for their children in classrooms? A new  U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report  stated  more than half of our nation’s school buildings are suffering from major infrastructure problems including repair or replacement of several key systems which, if they aren’t… Read more »

Aid Reduction May Happen – Energy Savings Could Be Your Solution

New York is considering a 20% cut in building assistance at schools across the state. This is a damaging possibility for all. Fortunately, this potential loss in state aid has no affect on an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). In fact, your timing in looking into this option may be ideal. ECG can help you mitigate these potential cuts by using… Read more »

Educating Others on the Incredible Impact an EPC can have on a Community

Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) are financially beneficial to school districts and municipalities, and it is our goal to keep you informed of their benefits and best practices through a series of webinars and presentations. We serve as an Independent EPC advocate ensuring the success of your project and realization of guaranteed savings. Please review our Knowledge Library to learn about the ways to reduce energy costs to free up budget dollars… Read more »