Month: February 2020

INTERVIEW with Assistant Superintendent Jack Mitchell

Why did you decide to do an Energy Performance Contract (EPC)? I believe in always continuing to learn, so I attend seminars and presentations frequently. My attorney recommended I go to a presentation that ECG happened to be giving with my fiscal advisor. I was so impressed by the benefits to my district that could… Read more »

SOLAR CANOPY SYSTEMS: The Next Big Opportunity

Want to make a huge impact in your school district? Consider installing solar canopies, an untapped multi-purpose opportunity you can implement right now. Typically utilized in parking lots, walkways and other paved areas, solar canopies are elevated structures that host solar panels while providing shade at the same time. Schools can reduce their electric bills and… Read more »

Black History Month: Inspiration for the Future Through Reflection

At ECG, we are committed to taking the time to recognize diversity and how melding our strengths together has built this country into what it is today.  Every February, we have the opportunity to reflect on the contributions black Americans have made with Black History Month (BHM).  We take this moment to celebrate the culture,… Read more »