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Microgrid Design and Implementation, New Canaan, CT

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PROJECT: Microgrid Design and Implementation: New Canaan, Connecticut


  • New Canaan, Connecticut
  • Project Size: Five buildings and 812,500 square feet
  • On-Site Generating Capacity: 1,200 kW, expected production 9,300,000 kWh
  • Reduction in Utility Purchase: 8,000,000 kWh
  • Reduction in Energy Cost: Up to $680,000 or 44% of annual baseline energy purchase
  • Project Status: Prequalification
  • Completed Date: In progress, target fall 2019
  • Microgrid Development Company: To be Determined, RFP Pending


The Town of New Canaan, in response to the need for increased resilience to major storms and the need to beĀ able to continuously operate critical infrastructure, is pursuing microgrid design and development that will interconnect three town facilities including the New Canaan High School, Saxe Middle, and South Middle School, and two private facilities; the New Canaan YMCA and the Waveny Care Center.

Energy System Features

  • Ultra-clean, low emissions fuel cells
  • Integrated thermal energy recovery for high overall fuel utilization
  • Ability to operate in island mode during grid outages
  • Automatic interconnection of all facilities to share available generation capacity
  • Ability to optimize interactions with the grid including balanced energy purchase and sale to minimize energy cost


The microgrid is being designed to be able to operate all critical elements of all buildings for an indefiniteĀ period in the event of an extended grid outage and to operate economically during normal grid operations. Combined heat and power will be provided through the use of three 440 kW fuel cells utilizing thermal energy recovery to provide space heating, domestic hot water and other thermal loads. The ultra-clean operation of the fuel cells will qualify the microgrid for credits under the Connecticut Low Emissions Renewable Energy Certificate (LREC) program further reducing the cost of operations. Deepening on final design, currently in progress, the microgrid has the potential to save the energy users up to 36% of their annual energy costs.